Immigration & Nationality Law Fees.


We provide competitive fees for immigration services and our fees range from £750 – £2,000 for each person without VAT payable. If there is any dependant to be included in the application process, we may charge you for this separately. Our costs are based on a combination of competitive market pricing as well as an approximate hourly rate based on the amount of work involved. On a complex matter which needs a tailored quote, fees would be calculated at a rate of £250 per hour for a qualified solicitor and £150 per hour for a paralegal dealing with your application.

Costs & Disbursements

Most applications will only incur Home Office fees and some application will also incur an NHS Surcharge. Both Home Office fees and NHS surcharges are not subject to VAT. Any appeals to the Immigration Tribunal, the Court or an administrative review would be subject to an application fee depending on the type of application, please contact us for further details.

However, if we instruct Counsel/a Barrister to represent you in any hearings, the Barrister’s fees may be subject to VAT. The costs of a Counsel/Barrister will of course depend on the level of experience of the Counsel/Barrister. Please contact our Ms Rachel Uko who has the overall supervision of our Immigration department for further details on such costs.

The fees quoted above do not include interpreting services. If you require an interpreter then you can ask a friend or another community figure to come and help interpret at your own cost.


The time scale from inception of the file to completion for each immigration application will mainly depend on the processing times by the UK Border Agency or Home Office. We aim to process your file and application and prepare it for submission within 1-6 weeks depending on the complexity of your case. Although the UK Border Agency and Home Office provide guidelines on the waiting times or processing times, there are many cases where an application takes much longer for them to process or make a decision. Therefore, it is difficult to give a precise timescale. However, we recommend that you refer to the UK Border Agency and Home Office websites for their estimated turnaround time.


Home Office Application for Leave to Remain £1500
Appeals on Home Office Refusals £1500
Deportation Appeals (where the client is detained) £2500
Reconsiderations of Home Office Refusals £500
Transfer of Leave to Remain £500
Application for Naturalisation £1000
Entry Clearance Application £1000
Immigration Judicial Review Matters £3000
Asylum Applications £2500 
Deportation and Removal Injunctions
£2500 plus Disbursement (Counsel/s Fees depends on experience and seniority)
EEA Applications £1500
Immigration Appeals
£1500, grounds  by Counsel  -  £750
Indefinite Leave to Remain Applications £2500
Naturalisation Applications £1000
Registration as a British Citizen £1000
Settlement Applications
Temporary Admissions
Work Permits
Visitors Visas
Spousal Application
Foreign Criminals  -  Initial Representation - adjust Removal £2500 Plus Disbursement (Counsel's Fees)




















Note: VAT does not apply to Immigration Laws.





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